Hello, world!

Programming is fun! Isn’t it? Anyone interested in logic with some creativity will fall in love with coding.

Alright then, if you are interested to start the journey with me in learning a programming language: let’s start our first step in learning to code.

OK, but there so many coding languages in the world, right? Which one to choose? Now, calm down. I am here to help you with providing some top choices by any beginner in this field:

  • C++

Alt Text

  • Java

Alt Text

  • Python

Alt Text

OK, which one did you find easy? I bet that it’s Python! Well then, welcome to the Python community!

Let’s start this journey of programming with gaining some knowledge on Python programming language.

Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It is created by Guido van Rossum. Python is easy to learn and easy to code.

Learn more about python here

Python Installation Check out the following guidelines for getting python installed in your computer W3Schools Youtube

Stay tuned for byte-sized wisdom on Python :)

Aswin Barath

Aswin Barath

My name is Aswin Barath. I’m a technical blogger and budding software engineer