Core Firebase Services

Firestore database

Firestore database

Firestore is an excellent choice these days as almost every app needs persistent data. Following are the benefits of firestore:

  • Realtime
  • NoSQL
  • Security


Realtime means that for every change made in the database, the connected users updates with these changes. This feature saves you a lot of time when you are developing applications. It provides clear logic and reduces your code length.


Firestore is a NoSQL document database. There has been a surf of popularity for NoSQL databases. A lot of developers find them more comfortable to use.


Firestore provides a set of security rules with which you can easily create restrictions for who can read, write, update, or delete data from your database.



Firebase Hosting is an easy to use service even for beginners. Following are some impressive reasons to use this service:

  • SSL for Every Site
  • Fast Servers
  • Deploy From CLI

SSL for Every Site

The SSL certificate is automatically provisioned and configured for each site deployed.

Cached on SSDs

Sites deployed to Firebase Hosting are cached on SSD’s(Solid State Drive) for a low latency reliable experience.

Deploy From CLI

Deploying your app to the web from a local directory only takes one command.



We love to share photos, videos, and gifs. Firebase storage enables your users to store and share these files through your app. Some of the features of the Firebase storage service are:

  • Handle Large File Sizes
  • Flexible File Type

Handle Large File Sizes

Firebase storage can scale up to petabytes.

Flexible File Type

There are no limitations on the types of files you can upload, which means you can use this service for images, videos, PDFs, etc.



To build an authentication system from scratch is tiresome and can get tricky. Firebase offers a solution to authentication that requires less code, less time, and better security through the following features:

  • Email and Password Authentication
  • OAuth authentication
    • Using an existing platform to authenticate a user is known as OAuth. Firebase utilizes Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, and many other providers that you can use to authenticate your users.

Each Firebase service can be used on its own or together with the other services. Hence makes it easy to pick and choose the right services for your specific application.

Firebase offers various services. So, I encourage you to take the time to explore the other services as well.

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