Bitwise Operators in python

When it comes to binary numbers, bitwise operators are the choice.

Bitwise operators are used to performing operations on binary numbers.

AND, OR, XOR operators

  • AND & operator sets each bit to 1 if both bits are 1.
  • OR | operator sets each bit to 1 if one of two bits is 1.
  • XOR ^ operator sets each bit to 1 if only one of two bits is 1. Alt Text Output:
    AND 82
    OR 2039
    XOR 1957

    Ha Ha, surprised about the outputs?! The outputs are a result of the binary numbers a and b which gets converted into an integer, each time bitwise operation is performed.

NOT operator

  • NOT ~ operator inverts all the bits.
  • In python, the number gets converted into an inverted signed number. Alt Text Output:
    NOT -11

Shift operators

  • left shift << operator shifts left by pushing zeros in from the right and let the leftmost bits fall off.
  • right shift >> operator shifts right by pushing copies of the leftmost bit in from the left, and let the rightmost bits fall off. Alt Text Output:
    Right shift 277
    Left shift 4444

Code along and have fun ;)

Aswin Barath

Aswin Barath

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