What is Firebase?

Let us first understand how is a full-stack application built. A full-stack application consists of a front-end component and a back-end component. A front-end component is what we see, a user interface(UI). A back-end component communicates with the UI to send, receive, store and/or delete data.

Firebase is Back-End as a Service (BaaS). Firebase gives you all the benefits of a back-end without the complexities of creating one up from scratch.

Benefits of Firebase

Reduce Development Time

Let’s face it. We can get impatient when we want a full-stack application as soon as possible. With Firebase, you can cut down development time.


Firebase provides built-in security. If you configure it in the right way, your app will be a solid fortress.

High-Speed Caching

Your app deployed using Firebase hosting gets cached on solid-state drives (SSD) throughout the world. Your app loading time will become extremely fast that also helps with SEO.

Realtime Data

Cloud Firestore database updates all connected clients in real-time. The ability to get real-time updates makes applications a lot easier to implement.

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Aswin Barath

Aswin Barath

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